About Greenty

GREENTY ® is not an ordinary nappy even though it might look like one at first. You will not find it on the high street, where typically you can purchase other brands that perhaps are not so tailored to care for those little treasures with the most sensitive skin. With GREENTY ®, we achieve that by going back to the most natural ingredients.


Our GREENTY ® secret is found in the green tea leaves that are incorporated into the absorbent core of the nappy, making it super kind to your baby’s skin.
The technology behind the drying and crushing of the leaves enables it to become active at the temperature as low as 30 ° C. GREENTY ® nappies offer a natural antiseptic, anti-allergic and antibacterial action. Additionally, green tea leaves help to eliminate that upsetting nappy odour. 


 What’s GREENTY ® like?
Soft and snug is the word. Elastic, anti-leakage side panels, fastening system, 3-D cuffs and  Velcro straps ensures comfy fit and prevents leakages. Our unique layer of green tea leaves makes GREENTY ® incredibly gentle and kind to your baby’s skin.


Why green tea in GREENTY ®?
The polyphenols and tannic acid found in green tea are its active antioxidants. They make strong chemical bonds with proteins, metals, alkaloids and acids. These properties enable irritants and harmful toxins to be drawn away from your baby’s sensitive skin. That’s way GREENTY ® nappies provide an antibacterial and antifungal protection.




 Greenty Suppliers



Longyan Keija Tea Industry Co. Ltd (known as Keija ) was founded in 1986. The company is located in the ecologically clean area and specializes in high-tech research and manufacturing of tea ​​products.
For GREENTY ® production, our New Zealand based team of specialists, picked the best variety of leaves to ensure maximum benefits and is continually overseeing the quality control.
Since 2003, Keija has been also partnering with the professionals from the Medical University. Over the years, Keija has developed whole range of exclusive tea products and technologies, which were successfully implemented by their business partners.
Since 2006 Keija has been working with the Hong Kong Professional Babies and Children Care Institution - Jiarui International (HK) Women and Children Healthy Research Co., Ltd.

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