"Nappies greenty are the best ones for my little girl’s sensitive skin! Every other brand I used caused her nappy rash that never happens with greenty. They are super absorbent and there is no leakage even at night. They are so soft and that lovely smell of green tea makes them truly exceptional. What’s more they are affordable. I could definitely recommend them."


"I would say that nappies greenty are the best on the market. As for me, I was never really happy to use some high street brands but have tested a whole range of fully biodegradable organic nappies - still wasn’t satisfied until I came across greenty. They are wonderful, soft, thin, no leakage, even at night and just love the green tea idea. Don’t think there is anything better out there."


"I bought a pack just to give it a go... I can honestly say that they are very good. Our little girl was suffering from a nappy rash... it only took two day of using greenty to clear it. They seem light even when full and we had no problems with leaking. Every child is different but they work for us. I highly recommend them and will be ordering another pack but perhaps a bigger one :D"


"Very absorbent and soft. Fantastic smell :) One very happy customer."

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